Discovering Carmarthenshire
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Travellers' Triathlons

Travellers Triathlon

Our brand new series of Travellers’ Triathlons aims to give you an exciting way of exploring the beautiful landscape on offer here in Carmarthenshire. MORE...

A cake adventure!

A cake adventure

Looking for adventure and a delicious treat? Mouth watering cake stops amidst the Carmarthenshire countryside.MORE...

Our Legends

Our Legends

Embark on a legendary adventure in Carmarthenshire, where wizards were born, the 'Welsh Robin Hood' once roamed and incredible castles were built and battled over! MORE...

Golden beaches

Carmarthenshire Coast

Six of the finest 'bucket & spade' beaches in Europe and one of the longest in Wales - 'Cefn Sidan', Pembrey. MORE...

Ancient castles

Castles in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire has some of the oldest, most complete castles in the whole of the United Kingdom. MORE...

Cawl Crawl

Cawl Crawl

Follow Discover Carmarthenshire on Facebook and Twitter for the best places to sample Cawl in Carmarthenshire. MORE...

Carmarthenshire has some of the most spectacular and diverse landscapes in south west Wales.


Travel over breathtaking mountains, through lush, green landscapes and secluded, ancient forests to the vast expanses of our golden sandy beaches. Lose yourself in the solitude of the vast countryside, follow the course of picturesque rivers and visit the stunning locations of our castles.... why not consider making Carmarthenshire YOUR holiday destination?

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